Dr. Pierce-Davis does psychological testing and psychotherapy  with
adults of all ages.
  • With her clients, she does both brief and long-term therapy for
    depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

  • She counsels people going through work stress, separation, divorce,
    death of loved one, abuse recovery, illness, retirement,
changing family roles, Al-Anon issues, and spiritual conflicts.

  • Throughout Dr. Pierce-Davis's education and professional career, she
    has been intrigued by the mind-body interaction.  She understands and
    treats the mind-body dynamic of depression and anxiety disorders, as
    well as the impact on the mind of major illnesses such as
cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes.
To help her clients, she developed a
training regimen
in deep relaxation/self-hypnosis/guided imagery to enhance
the healing process of therapy.

  • She has developed over the years an expertise in Fertility Issues, and
    counsels women in all phases of diagnosis and treatment.  Additionally,
    she conducts screenings for couples who are at points in treatment with
    their Fertility specialist that require consultation before pursuing more
    demanding forms of intervention such as
third party assistance, i.e. gestational carrier, donor egg,
donor sperm, or donor embryo.

American Psychological
Association (APA)
Texas Register of Health
Service Providers
National Register of Health
Service Providers
American Society for
Reproductive Medicine
Carol Pierce-Davis, Ph.D., Psychologist
National Register Health Service Provider
Texas Health Service Provider
Board Certified Diplomate Fellow in Psychopharmacology
Board Certified Diplomate Fellow in Serious Mental Illness
International College of Prescribing Psychologists

4131 Spicewood Springs Road
Suite K-6
Austin, TX 78759

Dr. Pierce-Davis is a preferred provider for many insurance panels.
To set up an appointment, call 512-4
The doctor will personally arrange an appointment.
(512) 413-3025
(800) 420-4784