4131 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite K6, Austin, TX 78759, US

Carol Pierce-Davis, Ph.D.

To set up an appointment


Call Dr. Pierce-Davis at 512-413-3025


After you have set up an appointment time, download all three New Client Forms below, 

print and complete them to bring with you to your initial session.

Download the directions to her offices and be sure you get to the right one!


If you plan to use insurance  . . .

Please call your insurer and ask the following questions:

Is Dr. Pierce-Davis a Preferred Provider?
 If so, do I have a deductible?  And how much is it?
 What is my co-pay?
 How many sessions are covered?
 Do I need a pre-authorization number from you?


If Dr. Pierce-Davis is NOT a Preferred Provider for your insurer, ask the following questions:
 Do you pay anything to an out-of-network provider?
 If yes, what is my deductible for an out-of-network provider?
 What is my co-pay for an out-of-
network provider?  

Please  consult with Dr. Pierce-Davis about her fee structure when working with  insurance companies where she is not an in-network provider. 

If you do not have insurance, or prefer not to use your insurance for confidentiality reasons, consult with  Dr. Pierce-Davis about her fee structure in these situations 


Please download and complete these forms for your first session with the doctor.

New Client Information (pdf)


OfficeGuidelines (pdf)


Confidentiality (pdf)


Directions to offices (pdf)


For Counseling Clients Using Insurance


All of Dr. Pierce-Davis's insurance claims are processed by Stephen E. Davis, of SED Claims.

Mr. Davis is available for managing  insurance billing and account management functions for mental health practices only.

You may contact Mr. Davis directly with any questions or concerns regarding your insurance needs.